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welshwil | 14:09 Tue 03rd Oct 2006 | People & Places
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who has the strangest nickname out of all your mates, and how did they get it? can you beat - Zoot, Crim, Jonny Boo, Peter Pound, Gonk, Weeble, theres a story behind all these.


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How's about:-

Dream Stalker
Mini Merkin
Mad Flapjack John

Any of these you want to know the stories behind?
A friend of a friend of a friend has the nickname "Pringle" cos she is a virgin, and "once she pops..."
intresting link welshwil well done.
big bald mick
mad mick
dog meat
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i forgot about a guy from comp, called kegs, this was because he was a good footballer and so was keegan at the time
The Barbarian Dwarf - my brother who, despite being only 5' 4, is built like a brick outhouse.
Furball - Biker boy, huge amounts of facial hair
Monsieur Poisson - Mr Pearson after many many beers. And he's a bit of a nonce, like the French ;o)
The Electric Lentil - Ex of Monsieur Poisson who was a veggy and whose pulse was detectable from her nether regions.
my son who has curly hair has the nickname Wire Bonce
Myself are two of my friends are known as BB Jux, EJ Ant and DJ Chi. Believe it or not, they go back to the days when we did Latin at school. It's a long story.
My husband and I nicknamed my sister No8 a few years ago, just something we came up with one day and it has stuck ever since and is a bit of an in joke now. No8 because she is small (I also call her my bigger little sister, because she is older but smaller than me) and we said she was the eighth dwarf "Slappy"
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i had a mate when we were about 15, who's surname was craven, but had the nickname lenny, he hated it.
craven - crav - kravitz - lenny kravitz - lenny.
also have a mate called mouse, have no idea the origins of that one though
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dai thumbs
kev fruit bat
will think of more.......
I used to be called Egg white and my best mates were jumbo, Dingo and Roadkill.
One of my mates: Picto.

Its the first thing that comes up when you put Shaun into predictive text on seemingly any phone.
my girlfriend is called nikki:,,,,,,,so i call her noo noo cos she sucks like a hoover(from tele tubbies)

my mates called sparky cos hes done more time than big ben and we keep telling him one day tr meet old sparky,,,

my mate daves call,,,plastic pants,,,cos hes always eating that flat cheese u get in burgers,,,,,we said one day u will crap out plastic,,,,,

and me the nerd,,,cos i do stupid things when drunk
My mate is called Sugarpuff as she decided to perform a 'home wax' on her privates and when all the hair was removed, she said she was surprised to find she looked like a 'Sugarpuff'.

OK-now all go to a box of sugarpuffs and remind yourselves of how they look!!
I know someone called 'NooNoo'........but I'm not saying anything!

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