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Genealogy - request for help

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cguil_uk | 19:32 Thu 03rd Aug 2006 | People & Places
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Request for help.

I am researching the ancestors and descendants of my third great grandfather - William Molyneux. He was born on 27-December-1756 and married Margaret Marsh 21-January-1787 Wigan, Lancashire, England, and his parents name were - Richard Molyneux and Jane. I am making good progress in locating many of William's descendants but I am not having much luck with his ancestors.

One of the major problems I have had with my Molyneux researches is that not only is the name Molyneux common in that part of Lancashire, so is Richard Molyneux and William Molyneux. To complicate matters further, the name is spelt, in so many different ways, even within the same family line. To date, in my tree alone, I have seen my name spelt Molyneux, Molyneaux, Molineux, Molineaux and even with two 'l's.

It is at this point that I have hit a solid brick wall. I have found several couples called Richard and Jane from around the same period but not definite proof that any of them is the couple I am looking for.

Someone once told me that there was a record of �

Richard Molyneux (Molineux?) m Jane Sephton 18/02/1750(49), Ormskirk, Lancashire

Their Children -

John Bapt. 29/09/1754, Ormskirk, Lancashire
William Bapt. 27/12/1756, Ormskirk, Lancashire
Betty (Elizabeth?) Bapt. 30/03/1760, Ormskirk, Lancashire

However, since I was not supplied with any corroborating evidence, I have yet to find any definite proof or evidence of this myself.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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Have you thought of joining Genes Reunited? Go to You will find all you need to know about joining on their home page. It is an off shoot of Friends Reunited and very popular.

Forgive me if you`be already tried this route, but you haven`t mentioned it here.
well have you looked at the actual baptism register to see if there are other siblings that may establish a family connection in later life? Say as whitnesses at weddings or something?
In this situation the professional genealogist would try to identify the various family groups by this method.

I would add that both Molyneux and Sephton are more West lancashire names, by that I mean Ormskirk through to Southport. having grown up in Ormskirk, worked in both Southport and Wigan (currently infact) anmd been a familt History tutor in the county, i would think that the marriage took place in Wigan because the bride was from there and the groom had gone to work there, but likely as not the Molyneux and Sephton families were from nearer the coast.
The House of Molyneux and The House of Sephton are also important families in the County too and they are recorded in the Victoria County History of lancashire.
If you make contact with the Family History Society in Ormskirk I am sure they will have members with the same ancestry as Ormskirk was only a small town in the early 1700s.
they have transcripts of the Partish registers ans will be able to look at the baptism entries to establish any further info exists.
Have you tried the family history section of the attached site:

It's a US site but I have found a lot of info about my English ancestors on there.
fot the period cguil is researching the only valuable source from the LDS would be the IGI and this only gives what they alread have in the OQ,. the family History Centres based at an LDS Church can supply the filmed parisg registers to view in the centres, but the Ormskirk family History Society will already have done alot of research and transcribing. Any records found using the International Genealogical Index should ALWAYS be verified by confirmation from the original source, i'e usually the Bishops Transcripts as opposed to the Parish Registers, or the registers themselves, the BTs are a copy of the original Parish register entry.

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Genealogy - request for help

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