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Porky linguist

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sg | 12:09 Fri 28th Jul 2006 | People & Places
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I am involved in a project to compile a list of equivalent names for Pork Scratchings from around the world.
I already have the Swedish and the Danish, I happen to know Pork Scratchings are eaten in Mexico, but I don't know what they are called.
Can anybody help by adding to my list?
Wherever possible, it should be what the fatty snack is referred to in the country in question rather than just a literal translation of the words Pork and Scratchings.


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Looked up certain Middle Eastern countries, but just couldn't find any references.
"grattons" is a close-ish French equivalent (it does mean "let's scratch" but it really is crispy pig [or duck] skin too)
In the UK and US they can be called Pork scratchings or pork cracklings.

Although not cooked in exactly the same way, each country has their variants.......

In Serbia it is called "Čvarci"

In Latin America and Spain, the equivalent is chicharr�nes, in Mexico it is cueritos. In the Fillipines it is chicharon.

In France / Portugal and sometimes Spain they are called - grattons.

You might find hours of entertainment here:
As Octavius indicates, here in the U.S. they are usually called cracklings (leaving off the term pork since no other animal is used). Commercially they are marketed as Pork Rinds. They became quite popular at the height of the Atkins diet craze...
As a child on my grandfather's farm in January butchering time, it was my job to keep the fire just right under the 30 gallon rendering kettle to make lard... what was left in the bottom were homemade cracklings that were a real treat... but a few too many and one became quite sick from all the fat...
how about: Le Grater de la Cochon
We call them toe nail clippings where I come from, is that any help?
Question Author
That's a great help, WoWo. In fact all these answers are a great help, thank you all.

old mans toe nails

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