Jim's 60th Birthday

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Princess Sue | 22:36 Tue 06th Jun 2006 | People & Places
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Tim will be 60 soon (although he hates me telling anyone!) Anyone any ideas what I can do for a surprise? He does not like adventure things too much - or anything too expensive. I would like Madonna tickets but at approx �300 we can forget that idea. Anyone any strange interesting suggestions?


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Ummm who's Tim?

How about one of those Red Letter Days thingymebobs?

Happy birthday anyway Tim (whoever you are!!!)

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Boo -Tim and Jim are one and the same! Thanks for answer. will look up red letter days. But still open for suggestions!
Something that he has never done before. Have a look in your local Whats On -

An evening at a Comedy Club
A tribute band of a favourite 60s group
A ticket to a recording of a tv show such as Have I Got News..
A concert of classical music
A magic show

It depends so much on where you are and how much you want to spend.

Has he any hobbies/interests that could be developed by a course at the local college?

How about a cheap and cheerful 1960s bring a bottle party?

If you live up north I have seen very cheap 3 day cruises (under �50!) to Norway and back. Can't imagine what they are like!

Hope you come up with something special.
they have some adventure things on here ub&sub=AD-
there is a champagne balloon flight etc ,bit pricey but not sure how much you want to spend :o)

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Jim's 60th Birthday

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