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Downfall in society?

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tinshed | 23:40 Sat 25th Mar 2006 | People & Places
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Do you think Labour has contributed to the downfall in our society?

Gays, Lesbians, Asylum seekers,Human rights activists, unruly youths and racism.

Are these subjects beyond criticism now?

What has labour done for the you that has contributed to making the UK a better place for you to live in?



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made us realise that gays lesbians asylum seekers and human rights activists are heroes and unruly youths are the result of too long under a conservative rule and racism is archaic
I think that this Labour goverment has done more to destroy our way of life than anyting before it,
Not counting Hitler. Pontious pilot, genghis khan, PolPot, the Romanian guy, Black death, the Influemza of the early 1900s, slavery, 6 year olds down the coal pits, the IRA, Klu Klux Klan, Dissolution of the monasteries, enclosures, poll tax, window tax, hearth tax, the Commonwealth , WW1 generals and the beatles.
What about gays, lesbians, asylum seekers, and human rights activists? No subject is beyond criticism, as long as criticisms are reasonable and logical and constructive. On the other hand, if you are suggesting that we should not be allowed to exist, then you might find that Big Bad Blair's Big Brother Thought Police will come to your house at 3 o'clock in the morning and squirt custard into your ears.

There has always been that hidden layer of society which has been successfully ignored , because the vast majority of people are normal in this country.

All Labour has done is promote the minorities so they appear to be the norm.This country has resisted the Spanish,Napolean,and Hitler.Blair and his Scottish mafia are but an annoying fly to the majority,and best ignored.

There will always be an England.God save the Queen!

as my dad used to say to me in the eighties "if you dont like it go and live in Russia"
I wish you and all the other moaning right wing goofballs would sod off and go and live somewhere else (preferable somewhere with mass unemployment, race riots, decimated communities, sleazy politicians, monopolostic utility companies etc etc 80's Britain for example)
Anyone who wants to suggest there is some kind of irreversible decline in British society and lays the blame for it at Labour's door is clearly deluded and indulging themselves in some typically muddy right-wing thinking.

I know people, for example, who will roll their eyes and say "What's the world coming to? I blame it all on the race riots."

What does that mean? Where did the race riots come from then? Why not chart the downfall from there, or from the end of the Second World War? Or from the end of the First World War? Or from the time something else happened that is a completely random place to start charting a decline from?

Actually things get better just as much as they get worse. Half a dozen of one, half a dozen of the other. And the reason for a lot of the aggression, racial disharmony, class inequality and economic deprivation in our society is purely because people refuse to learn any lessons from the past and refuse to do the right thing.

Yeah...and why are cucumber's straight...bring back the bendy ones...!!mind you,when I was a kid,the sprouts were a bit on the bitter side,now there almost a delicacy.Did you know that cheese taste's ten times better,if you dont put it in the fridge...oh...and tomatoes!!...(:-) personally I blame it on them netti pots...!!

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Downfall in society?

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