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Bennyoap | 09:19 Thu 13th Oct 2011 | People & Places
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Where could i find a dance group that could replicate "me ol bamboo" and "Step in time" performances from the film mary Poppins?


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Any dance group could.......given the correct music, choreography and direction.
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No i mean an already established group as this has to be done before christmas.
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Sorry not an already established group but these dance and song routines should already be established and well rehearsed so would be able to preform with minimal practice.
you have plenty of time to get a group of enthusiastic dancers to learn the moves..
I thought it was called "shtep in time"
Will you be paying travelling expenses and accommodation?

Wouldn't it be easier to contact a local troupe and request that they learn both performances?
I'll take the bait...
Any decent dance group should be able to master these dances within a few days. Your main problem may be finding a group that's available if you need them for several performances close to Christmas.
I agree. Professional dancers reguarly have to learn dance routines within a very short space of time. Between now and Christmas would be no bother. Just contact any from your local Yellow Pages.
maybe we should reform the AB dance group, that was fun :o)
Are you sure, sara?

I still haven't recovered from triggs bounding into the room sporting 3 leg-warmers......:o/
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yes, I think it's simply a fabulous idea, darling :o)
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i'll join

i can do the flying elephant dance from fantasia
I can't see what that video is from work.

Trim, why the sad face?

Fluff, I'm speechless at your avatar ;o)
I thought this question was a bit 'iffy' , but I hadn't expected to see Bennyoap get suspended.
If you think 'Ole Bamboo' comes from Mary Poppins, you need help with far more than dancing.

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