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email address for complaining to tesco

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pastyboy | 15:51 Tue 21st Dec 2010 | Shopping & Style
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could anyone tell me an email address to use for complaining about very poor service from a tesco opticians. ie giving me an unnessasary prescription. thanks


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You'll probably get a standard letter of apology, then promise to investigate and then probably offer you some Tesco tokens towards to grief.
ive heard a few bad things about tesco opticians
Why would you go to a supermarket to have your eyes tested?
... because they were really, really bad? lol

pastyboy - "Excuse me sir, I need my eyes tested."
shopkeeper - "You certainly do, This is Tesco!"
Should have gone to specsavers
Who has told you it was unnecessary? Don't bank on another optician supporting the diagnosis of a rival,
My daughter and family have had good experiences with Tesco opticians and although not with optical service have always found Tesco very helpful when dealing with 'complaints'
forgot to add experiences with specsavers less favourable
Dont forget your club card points .

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email address for complaining to tesco

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