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vouchers from tesco

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willowherb | 13:02 Tue 08th Feb 2005 | Shopping & Style
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i started shopping at tesco online since october last year and to date i have not recieved any vouchers for money off..i have looked in the club card section and it says i have 150 how does it work?and how often do you get vouchers..i used to shop at sainsbury and got them at the till..if any one knows please tell me . before i blast away at them my daughter shops in tesco but she gets vouchers in the post as she doesnt shop online..if they dont give me some soon i shall be going back to i still get bits their and got 2 vouchers last month off them...i am sure they have forgotton me..allthough i get a daily email with the offer of the day..thanks for anyones help..


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i have 1500 points not 150 how do you access them also..

I have just checked my account with Tesco.  This is how they are sent:

How do you redeem eVouchers? Your eVouchers will arrive in your Clubcard mailing, and there'll be a code on each one. Just type in this code at the checkout, and we'll reduce your bill by the amount shown on the eVoucher. You can use as many eVouchers as you like.

Apparently they are sent out 4 times per year i.e quarterly.  If you log into Website, it will tell you how many points you have and when your next statement is due, I don't know if they are all the same but my next statement is due February so maybe you will get one any day now.

Tesco only sends out 4 mailing per year the next one in November. Although getting the voucher is great you can do better by visiting the following site for starters, there you get the codes for money off, extra points and load of other tips.

Personally I just found out myself so I got exited about the possiblities. Also if you didn't get any mailing yet, its definitely worth calling them. They're very friendly and will set the record straight. Hope this helps.

the way you access you points is as follows: in every mailing tesco will send out vouchers - in your case they should be worth �15 in tesco vouchers, but if you redeem them through any of the deals offered they are worth �15x4= �60.

Check out what you can do with them at:

I know of people who are paying for their holidays 1 year in advance, furnishing their houses and lots more.

The best advice I can give you is don't give up on tesco, you'll never get a better deal elsewhere.

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vouchers from tesco

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