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jersey cotton bedding...

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sara3 | 23:05 Tue 03rd Feb 2009 | Shopping & Style
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where's it all gone??!

I have some lovely jersey cotton bedding but the cat clawed it. I can't find another set now!

any suggestions? good quality but not stupid expensive.

many thanks :o)


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Hi sara3. Is this the type of thing you are looking for? _Bedding_Sets.html
Question Author
thanks pooshunny, that's the kind of thing but maybe with a bit more variety. they have the same sets on Ebay, possibly the same seller. I may come back to that one :o)
tchibo sometimes do them

and I also got a lovely 100% cotton jersey set from Lidl!
Have you tried Dunelm ..they sell oodles of
bed linen and the're online ..
They are in Lidl at the moment, and I have found Lidl Bed Linen to be very good (made in Germany I believe).
Question Author
Lidl? oh, do I have to go in one??!

I'll check out the tchibo site, thanks :o)
Sara, I have been surprised by Lidl. They have some excellent things and some good foreign food too - and their vegetables are local and cheap. German made goods are usually of very good quality. Don't knock Lidl ;o)
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okay, you win! the nearest one to me is in Hatfield, so I'll have to wear industrial clothing anyway ;o)
They do good safety footwear ! :o)

Hi sara3,

I've just recently found some on the Studio website - -room/bedroom/plain-dyed-bedding/2/jerseybedse t/2

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thanks jenni, that was more interesting :o)

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jersey cotton bedding...

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