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Tronixz wholesale and dropshiping

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tronixz | 12:14 Thu 02nd Oct 2008 | Shopping & Style
13 Answers Wholesale , Dropshipping ,
Dropshipper supplier.We at Tronixz have
great prices all the time.Electronics,
Mobile phones, uk wholesale, dropshipping,
uk suppliers, worldwide supplier,


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Tronixz is a scamming thieving company because:

it doesn't get its proper contact details anywhere on its site;

Visa and Mastercard won't deal with them so they only take payments through PayPal - this means you have no credit card protection whatsoever

they don't abide by the Distance Selling Regulations and will only accept returns within 3 days of receipt and only if there is a fault;

the terms and conditions are shocking eg " * There is no guarantee and you will be responsible for the repair."

we don't know what country they are trading from;


Question Author
we are not scammer- We are are new business in uk.
have you even contacted us, email or tried to buy something from us? i dont think so- so before you talk about us- find out for yourself.
No, I won't talk to you.

If you are in the UK you must abide by the distance selling regulations. This means giving a full business address and telephone number; allowing a minimum of 7 days to return for a full refund whether faulty or not and many other conditions that your company is in breach of.

There is no way I would try to buy something from you because you are thieving scammers - why else don't you give your contact details or take payments by credit card directly without using PayPal?

Your English grammar is shocking on your website - if you can't pay somebody to do it properly you are not very professional at all.

This is not an advertising site. Don't use AnswerBank to advertise your illegal company
-- answer removed --
reputable businesses dont resort to a Q&A site to advertise.

Ethels right

Awww - I hope the ed doesn't remove it too quickly, In A Pickle

I want people to see what a conning company this is.

this is amusing:

If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, you can return it to us in its original condition within 3 days of the date you received the item, unopened (with any seals and shrink-wrap intact) and we will issue a full refund for the price you paid for the item excluding postage.
We can not offer refund without any fault.
Items like bags and sunglasses cannot be returned if you have used them.
We can only offer refund if they are unused with tags,sealed and wrap intact.

We do not accept used returns, if youre not happy with item you can resale your item.
Items like mobile phone, earphones,mp3,mp4 can not be accepted back if does not come with warranty-There is no guarantee and you will be responsible for the repair. "

-- answer removed --
can always email the ed if you think they need to respond quickly. Ethels answers make it clear to most sensible people that its not wise to purchase from a site like tronixz.
redcrx - very amusing terms indeed.

If tronixz don't like what I say, they are quite welcome to sue me for libel if they can prove I am lying.

Good grief! Have you seen how this 'company' chooses to advertise? holesale+%2C+Dropshipping+%2C+Dropshipper+supp lier.We+at&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozi lla:en-GB:official&client=firefox-a

Prada, Chanel, Gucci, D&G, Chloe


Fake rubbish from a fake company
Ethel, I would like to also say that are scammers, My brother bought a stargate DVD boxset last year, it took over 2 weeks as it was shipped on the slow boat from china, on which we were not aware of. On inspection of the discs, some played fine and others were of poor quality, or didnt play at all.
on trying to cocntact them we were unsuccessful. They never replied to emails, there was no telephone number to contact and there was was rreturn adress in with the parcel. Also PAYPAL would not help in any way, which I feel is wrong. I think it stinks and want people to know not to trust the theiving gits!!
Tronixz are thieving little sods!
My brother purchased a DVD boxset from them last year. It took over 2 weeks to come, apparently it came on the long slow boat from china. Some of the discs were not watchable. Some were scratched, picture distortion etc. When trying to contact them they never replied back and PAYPAL were no help at all, saying it wasnt their responsibility, I mean, whats all that about?
I would never buy anything of this company again, i think that the customer service is non existant and they treat their customers disgusting, Do not but anything from this company. I agree with ethel

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Tronixz wholesale and dropshiping

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