m & s refusing a sale

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helpmetoo | 12:19 Mon 15th Sep 2008 | Shopping
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i cant understand it, i went into a m&s shop at the weekend, one attached to a bp petrol station and selected some purchases,

when i get to the till with my arms full the person on the till said 'would you like a bag?' , 'yes please' was my obvious response.....

'they are 5p'

i respond 'ok heres a pound give me 20!'

he refused to do that,

either they are up for selling plastic bags or not...

come on m&s get your act together!


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helpmetoo ...

... that is stupid

... and very funny !!!

I might try that myself some time (although I don't think I've been in an M&S for years).
I don't understand- did he explain why he refused to sell them to you?
If they don't want to sell them then they don't, bottom line!

Although, a lot of shops get funny about their bags as people use them, steal items then take the items back in the bags to look more genuine, stupid I know...
That doesn't make sense. You'd only need one bag for that purpose.

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m & s refusing a sale

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