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scooter / motorcyle lifts... where to buy them?

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MustangLady | 20:00 Thu 15th Nov 2007 | Shopping & Style
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Hi. My other half owns a couple of scooters (Lambretta & Vespa), for Christmas I want to buy him a 'Scooter Lift' so that he can work on them at his own height rather than bending down all the time. Could anyone recommend where I could buy one and do you have any suggestions as to what I should be buying? Any idea of cost too? thanks for any help here... ML


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Hi Try Makro, They had them in a few weeks ago, good price too
Hi, if he's a scooterist he's bound to have a couple of copies of Scootering magazine under the bed, have a look through when he's out, im sure there was an ad in recently.

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Hi, Me again, Went into Makro today and they had them in stock on offer, �40.00 plus vat Let me know how you get on?
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hi. thanks to you both for replying.

Leighb: I took a trip to Makro and they had the bike jacks, but unfortunately not the type i need. The scooter have a centre stand so need bikelift that has a 'ramp' as such. Shame as good price!
Revfunk: i found the scootering magazine and located a local(ish) store that can supply the correct type of lift needed. delivery before christmas too.thanks again.

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scooter / motorcyle lifts... where to buy them?

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