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Long scarf

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boobesque | 18:02 Tue 30th Oct 2007 | Shopping & Style
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Hello, I am looking for a really long scarf, female.
I had one last year but as much as I have searched online and round loads of shops, I cannot find one!
Searching for long just comes up with regular length scarves in disguise lol - please can someone tell me where they sell them this year? Thanks!

I am after a winter scarf, not a pashmina wrap or anything


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Try Matalan, I had 2 really long ones (the ones you have to wind round and round your neck) they were really nice
Kate moss has one in her range for topshop :) x
Question Author
The ebay one is a not very long one lol thanks anyway

I looked in Matalan but got dragged out before i could find them (i hate shops moving stuff round!) Will try there

Sorry, but i refuse to buy anything Kate Moss endorses, thank you anyway :)
My daughter bought a nice super duper long scarf from Tesco - in South Beds though. Good luck.
How about you knit one yourself. then you can make it the length you want
Hu Flung Dun - the same daughter also knits scarves & the last one was made of Denim Wool, with a long fringe - it's rather smashing too!
Question Author
I can't knit :(

Will drag my poor mum to tesco! :)
Hi smudge, where do you get denim wool?
Hi Hu Flung Dun - my daughter knitted her scarf & a bag in Sirdar Denim Chunky Wool. It comes in 100g balls & looks like washed denim.

It's really soft & is lovely to knit with. _2006/sale_sirdar_denim.jpg
I don't know what your budget is but both Mulberry and Hermes on Old Bond street have long scarves this season.
Hope this helps

Fr Bill
H&M sell them.x
Question Author
Thanks for the H&M tip, possibly the only shop i haven't tried lol

Village Vicar, sadly my budget wouldn't extend to them :*-(

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Long scarf

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