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Reverandfunk | 13:58 Mon 24th Sep 2007 | Shopping
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I ordered an item off ebay, paid via paypal, item not received. The seller is sending me proof of postage (it was sent standard first class), who is my claim against??


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im sure Ethel will be along soon. In the meantime, Im sure your claim is against the seller. They have to make a claim against the PO although im not sure what can be done if it wasnt send recorded. Ask them for refund immediately
It doesn't matter that it wasn't sent recorded - if there is proof of posting then the value of the item can be recovered from the royal mail. The last time I claimed (again, an ebay item that never arrived), it took about 2 weeks for them to send me a cheque.
I think there is a limit of �25 but I could be wrong.
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Thank you both, I take it that the seller then needs to refund me then claim against the post office
Your seller should claim compensation from Royal Mail - the contract for postage is between the seller and Royal Mail.

However, tell PayPal you haven't received it - PayPal will ask the seller for the tracking number.

Seller can't provide it because it wasn't sent by trackable method, you will automatically get your money back.

Tell the seller to keep the proof of delivery and chase Royal Mail herself.
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many thanks ladies
Omg have u noticed that persons name is Ethel?! .... da da da daaaaaaaaaaa
wow, would you look at that Rev. Youve posted your Q to 'ethel' and someone called ethel replied!

This site is bludy amazing!!!!!!

He knows I am familiar with the terms and conditions of eBay and PayPal, and help a lot of people recover monies.

And he rubbed the elephant's belly, said 'Ethel' three times, and 'pouf'! here I am.

Tis magic.

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Ethel where art thou.....

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