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Trafford Centre

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dummkopf | 01:04 Sat 02nd Jun 2007 | Shopping & Style
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I came out of the Trafford Centre tonight and headed for the M60, does anybody know what the two giant objects are on the other side of the road. I couldn't see properly as I was driving, but they looked like the mobile steps they put next to an aircraft but ten times bigger !!!



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I think they are building an indoor ski slope near there. Whatever it is its ugly!
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Aye, it certainly is a monstrosity !! thanks for info.
lol, just think how big the aeroplane's going to be!!

We drove past it a few weeks ago, I sat there humming and harring over what it could be until we got a bit closer and the sign clearly stated what it would be. - ski slope! duh me.. I thought it was going to be a new fandangled shopping mall :o/

The �31 million Chill Factor is going to be pretty big by the sound of it (you can google it)
And people say ... youre lucky living near the trafford centre etc........nooooooooo, traffic can get bl**dy awful..

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Trafford Centre

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