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Clothes survey- business alevel coursework please help

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Rosesarered | 22:13 Mon 15th Jan 2007 | Shopping & Style
8 Answers
1. gender
2. age group
0-12 13-15 16-24 25-30 31-45 46-60 61-80 81+
3. Name of your favourite store
4. Estimate how reguarly you visit the store
5. Rate service, shopping environment and quality of clothing with 1 low and 10 high
6. Do you think that the prices are reasonable?
7. What is different about the store compared to others to make it your favourite?
8. Would you buy alternative clothing
(hippie, gothic, punk etc) if so why if not why not?
9. Estimate what percentage more you would pay for high quality clothing? Why?
10. What do you think is the most important aspect of clothes shopping?
11. What day of the week and at what time do you shop
12. May appear a random question..... but do you regularly shop for clothes in cheltenham

Thanks for helping


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three times a month
yes fairly
very fashionable
NO evryone has their own style bt it is deffo nt 4 me!!
i wuldnt pay anymore
getting clothes to fit eg.length (im a small size)
saturday afternoon (most ppl wil say tht)
no coz i live in scotland lol

gd luck in ur is quite a difficult subject.
1. female
2. 16-24
3. dotty p's
4. twice a month
5. 9
6. yes
7. just that the clthes seem to fit better
8. no, because i do nothink anyting like that would suit me
9. �50
10. being relaxed, good service.
11. saterday afternoon
12. no as i live in stafford.

good luck with all your exams and things i am just doing my A levels too. general studies yesterday was v hard. no-one knew what was going on. especially the technology and maths part.
becky xx
1. Female
2. 31-45
3. Next
4. Not often, use the directory more, maybe monthly
5. 9
6. Yes
8. No - because thats not my style
9.20% - don;t mind paying extra for better quailty
10. Friendly shop staff, good changing rooms, tidy store
11. Saturday afternoon
12 No 'cos I live in Stoke on Trent
Oops, forgot number 7!

7. Nice clothes, fit me properly, good quality that last and wash well
4.once a month
5. 8
6.somes items are reasonably priced, others are a bit over priced
7.the clothes are contemporary, stylish and are of excellent quality for a high strret store as i prefer more classicly stylish clothes (for work) and the usualjeans and tees (for play). 'alternative clothing' aren't my style
9.i would pay �10-30 more for high quality but only if it was definately going to last and not be a fleeting trend
10.getting clothes that look good and are comfortable
11.saturday and sundays, usually afternoons
1. Female
2. 31 - 45
3. Marks & Spencer
4. At least once a week
5. 8
6. Yes
7. Lots of difference styles, fairly good quality, brances everywhere, returning clothes easy.
8. Yes, if i thought the item suited me.
9. 100%
10. Buying something not necessarily fashionable, but that suits you.
11. Usually Wednesday or Friday - mid morning.
12. No
Once a month
Shopping environment 8
Quality of clothing 8
Prices - yes reasonable
Affordable clothing that is of good quality and not too dicatated by fashion.
I would not buy alternative clothing as it does not suit my personal style and circumstance (i.e. I have to wear a suit to work).
20% moe - I would not pay too much more for any clothes as they date quickly and there spending a lot of money is a waste
Ease of access to the clothes. Good variety. Affordable
Sunday 11-4
Nevr been to Cheltenham!
1 - female
2 -16-24
3 - jack wills
4- 1 month
5 - 7
6 - some a bit overpriced but good quality materials and cuts of clothing
7- its got good simple clothes like shirts and jumpers which arent all the same as everything else on he high street, not as many stores as high street chains.
8 - no! i dont think it would suit me at all!
9 - �30, maybe more if really good piece of clothing
10 - finding clothes that fit well and not having to fight people in busy shops!
11 - anyday weekday really! about 12pm
12 - i dont regularly but i do sometimes, good for a change as i live in worcester and cheltenham has some nic shops that worcs doesnt have.

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Clothes survey- business alevel coursework please help

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