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Smeg Appliances

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barry1010 | 17:49 Sun 24th Mar 2024 | Shopping & Style
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Are they as good as they used to be?  Would you recommend?



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Haven't got any & won't be buying - more style over substance I think & a chance to flaunt your affluence.

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The Smeg hob I'm looking at is cheaper than the equivalent Bosch, AEG and Neff - it's on offer

I think you're paying for the name for all of those, up up a point. If you have bought those brands in the past you should had an idea whether they are worth the extra money 

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Never had a Smeg, that's why I'm asking.  I know they had a good reputation some years ago.

They have all got a good reputation for sure. Perhaps have look at AO online for some comparisons,my OH uses them for electrical goods

Which one are you looking at? I can see if Which? reviewed it.

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That's very kind, Corby.  I'm struggling to choose the right hob, I'm prepared to pay but not silly money.  AO has this one on a good offer

Smeg SI2M7643B

Nothing for that model, sorry.

My brother's wife was trying to pick a new fridgefreezer and spent weeks going through reviews.

Eventually they went to purchase it.  At the store she saw another one that was nice and pretty looking and they bought it.  My brother just sighed! 

That could be female logic.

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I must admit to being bogged down reading specs, reviews, price checking....

Thanks for looking, Corby - I do appreciate it

Are you an AO member?

If no and you join for £39.99, you will save £80 on the price and get free delivery which could cost up to £30.

Wasn't sure if it's that lower price you meant.

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Smeg Appliances

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