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I thought you were selling on Vinted, are you buying from there as well ?  Is it cheap?

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I have been and sometimes 

As long as it's cheap, go for it. 

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Not the both although I made on offer on one of them 

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Does anyone think £15 for one on right is expensive?

If you can afford it and you are short of clothes, then£15 seems okay; but if you're broke and in debt then it's a lot of money if you already have more clothes than you need.

You can always offer a lower price on Vinted and they then can choose to accept it or not.

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I made on offer and they declined 

What did u offer?

You should not be buying clothes when you already have so many and owe money.  You do not need more!

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You told us the other day you were worried about not having any money.  

Like Lankeela.  You have clothes, re-use them.  you should not need to buy anything else unless a really special event happens - like a wedding.  Having said that, I've rarely bought anything new for a wedding excepting my own and those of my daughters.

Stop spending money, Abbey.  I'm not being nasty, but you very much need to get real and live within your means. I grew up in the age when even buying something from a catalogue and paying it off monthly was frowned upon.  

That  may seem a bit extreme, but it worked.  We had no debts and I learned to make rather nice clothes, which came in handy when we were totally broke with children to feed and  clothe.


I don't like the opening under the bust nor the left one. It's a costume malfunction waiting to happen. Not a great fan of jumpsuits as you basically have to undress to go for a wee.

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Doubt I'll bother and can't make clothes. Thats the downside but they're nice 

Try selling  a few bits on there then to make some money.

If you have lots of tops and bottoms you can make loads more outfits by mixing and matching, no need to buy new stuff for every occasion.

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Got stuff up on there 

Good, I sell a lot on Vinted so know quite a bit about it.

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