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Which Dress ?

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abbeylee90 | 19:04 Thu 22nd Feb 2024 | Shopping & Style
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Like for a date or special occasion



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Depends on the special occasion.  Stripy one looks like a nightshirt.  Black one is ok for a funeral.  White one is very plain so I would go for the patterned one.  

Have you got a date?

I'd go for bottom left one but then I'm not you😊  You could always add some eye-catching jewellery/beads.  I suppose also it depends what the actual occasion is?

Black can go anywhere...and can be dressed up or down. Silver jewellery or colourful beads/scarf. Boots or strappy heels.

The stripey one.  It irritates me when women are constantly pulling at their clothes trying to keep decent 

They're too casual for a date or special occasion. I wouldn't recommend either of them. 

Have a look at sites such as

Those are way out of Abbey's budget

It looks like Abbey buys a new dress every week. Perhaps she should buy a quality dress, that looks and fits better, and wear it more than once. It's called slow fashion and sustainability. 

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I've had another look at that Sister Jane link.

I don't think women look good in clothes originally designed for little girls.

I think those are all too casual, what do your friends thin, as they are in your age group?

Those clothes on your link will not be fashionable next year - they are expensive fast fashion.

Abbey that second lot are horrendous - they look like Victorian school clothes.

Expensive and fast fashion doesn't blend, Barry. 

Style, we are hijacking Abbey's thread but those clothes are polyester, made in China and the company released a new collection every six weeks. Fast fashion.

Classic clothes made in the UK of natural fabrics sourced in the UK as far as possible are best - if you can afford them.

I'd say the sisterjane dresses are definitely not abbeys style. 

The second group of dresses are rather wintery looking...and I hate tie or wrap belts on anything. But that's me.

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Here summary ones 

Pink one 

Nine.  Don't you have enough clothes already?  Are you working?

Nine?  None!! 

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I'm selling loads of stuff on vinted

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