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the one you feel most comfortable in
14:15 Mon 12th Sep 2022
Wear whichever one you feel most comfortable in
They're all pretty hideous in my opinion, Abbey.

What about something vibrant but elegant:
Abbey, what is it with New Look? How much do you get paid to advertise their stuff?
That pink leopard print is horrible!
With respect, Abbey, I don't know why you ask ABers
about what you should wear to an outing, interview, etc. They have no idea what you look like so cannot really decide which outfit would be best! Best consult a family member or friend?
-- answer removed --
Looks like it's been walked over by a dirty leopard!

If it's an evening "date" I think something a bit more dressy.
Is this the bloke who sent you nude pictures? If it isn't it didn't take you too long to find someone else did it.
Did you get the job offer?
the one you feel most comfortable in
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No it's not thay and it a day date
Question Author
No not that guy

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