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Suits And Funerals

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StyleMonkey | 09:06 Wed 01st Jun 2022 | Shopping & Style
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I have a upcoming funeral that I will be attending but I am adamant that I don't want to wear a suit.

I'm very open to alternative suggestions. Maybe some nice trousers and a shirt would do?


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lol maybe he was just tricking me into a more expensive suit than M+S offer. No matter, he got one in Walters and we had a really nice day out in oxford :)
I like M&S for suits, you can buy the jacket and trousers separately so I usually buy two pairs of trousers. I recently bought a very nicely cut wool suit from there.
Years ago it really was the only place I could buy off the pegs suits being very tall. Nowadays I see lots of young adults my height and taller.
I don't want a funeral either. But if my hubby and son want one that's fine. I doubt they would. None of us have religious beliefs and I certainly wouldn't have any sort of celebrant. Trouble is can you be cremated without anyone being there like a pet cremation. I would like my ashes mixed with my mother's thrown round our bit of land.

If you state in a will that you don't want a funeral does that hold up in law?
nope my m-i-l under no circumstances wanted to be cremated, but she was
MissTerious, yes you can. It's called a direct to crem funeral and any funeral company will do it if you don't want to do it yourself.
Yes you can,it’s called a direct cremation, we’re doing it that way too.
As for the legalities, I don’t know, but as long as whoever might be organising things knows your wishes then I wouldn’t worry.
Our family all know what we want, and then all the family are to go out and have a meal and few drinks once the ashes have been stress, no trying to find a crem date to suit everyone, just a nice time to get together
Unless you wear something wildly inappropriate, no one will notice what you wear. Wear plain, dark clothes no need to be overly smart unless it’s royalty then don’t give it another thought.

/It's called a direct to crem funeral and any funeral company will do it if you don't want to do it yourself.

I am just imagining my hubby sitting me with me in the front on the car with the seat belt on and driving me to a crematorium.

I actually arranged and conducted my mothers funeral, I was more comfortable with doing that than having a celebrant who never new her. No prayers just a little talk from me and one of her best friends (who used to be a monk!) and lots of her favourite music, including pop and classic. I used a funeral director though to get her to the crematorium. She would have thoroughly enjoyed it. Just one very old auntie who took great pleasure in telling me she was saying prayers for my Mum. Fair enough. Mum was very anti religion in her older years.
That's lovely, Miss :)

There is no reason why you can't buy a coffin and drive your loved one to the crem yourself. There is a lot to consider and of course rules that must be adhered to but it can be done.
There was a chap on the tv some years ago who DIYed his mother's funeral. Fortunately she died in hospital so she was able to 'rest' in the hospital mortuary until the funeral and the staff helped him 'lay her out'. He bought a flat pack cardboard coffin that was far too big so he packed it out with soft toys and old clothes. He painted the coffin in a cheery bright pattern and took her to the crem in the back of a ford transit.
Fair play to him, I thought

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Suits And Funerals

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