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roadman | 11:19 Wed 21st Apr 2021 | Shopping
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this pandemic stuff is a madness and im after some cleaning product like one specifically is the pink stuff i was told to get. I got £50 amazon voucher anyone got any other recommendations one thing i need for sure is some kind of lime scale remover if its amazon that would be cool im going to make up the rest of the voucher by buying a juicer blender thing you know the ninja ones


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Does this "pink stuff" have a name?
I’ve got some pink stuff, I think it’s rubbish.
I think pink stuff is rubbish too.

Corby - pink stuff is the name
Viakal is really good at removing limescale and is available on Amazon.
i find they are mainly rubbish, i can't find any product that will get rid of limescale in the loo, it looks very unsightly. I don't know this Pink Stuff I confess, but have tried, bleach, Harpic Limescale remover even Viakal. none work.
you can find Viakal in most decent supermarkets, as well as Amazon
Vinegar is very good for removing lime scale
what type of vinegar, the sort you throw over your chips type??
^even better, buy a pack of citric acid crystals...removes hard water deposits from kettles, coffee makers, showers, taps, stainless steel etc. Cheap and safe. (Available online or Wilko, Robert Dyas etc).
Emmie - white vinegar.

Bi carb and lemon is also good.
i know that i have tried to clean the loo using these expensive products, we must live in a hard water area, because the limescale sticks no matter what i use on it.
I thought Pink Stuff was rubbish too.

We use this for limescale at work , it's great stuff User Recommendation

I have two toilets in my house. One is trouble free and easy to keep clean, the other attracts limescale and keeps a firm hold. I have come to the conclusion it is the state of the glaze that makes the difference. Impossible to see a difference but I can't think of any other cause.
I use Harpic Power Plus limescale remover tablets overnight regularly and scrub with a liquid limescale remover every day.

Pink Stuff is rubbish
Barry - that's the conclusion I've came to also.
^Re state of the glaze...overuse of domestic bleach is one cause of damaged glaze. It is highly alkaline and etches all glass/glazed surfaces.
Roadman asked about products available on amazon which is why I said it’s available on amazon.
I buy it in the supermarket.
main prob i have is having to use the toilet in the middle of the night, more than once, so if i use Harpic Power Plus limescale remover tablets then surely once the toilet is flushed then that disperses the effect of the tablet. I am willing to give it a try, how do they work?
Ginge - our new toilet started staining within a few months. The one we've had few years and years is still spotless.
I can't remember the name of the one I use but it only takes an hour.

Emmie - have you emptied the water out?
what you really need for limescale in loos is spirit of salts. Not sure on the availabiliy though, i get it in my local hardware store by telling them i'm a plumber!

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