Help Please, I'm In The Doodoo Again.

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ladybirder | 17:12 Sun 01st Nov 2020 | Shopping
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Nearly an hour ago I placed an order with Wrap, link below. I then saw something else I wanted and it says that you have two hours after placement to amend your order. I can't see how to do it and I have one hour left. You can save me £4.95 in postage;-))). Thank you.


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Is there a way to find your order? Then amend it?
Is there something along the lines of "Your Orders" on your account page that shows the options?
Question Author
I can see my order Pasta thanks but no way to amend it. Although it says you can it doesn't tell you how and you can't speak to them until tomorrow. May not be too late by then I hope.
Lots of Options LiK thanks, except the one I need:-(
Is there a link to cancel in your confirmation email?
Question Author
You mean cancel and do a fresh one? Good idea, I'll have a look but not seen one so far, hang on a mo.
No, that option is not given APG but thanks. If I haven't cracked it by the time the 2 hour slot is up I'll send them an email which hopefully they'll see first thing tomorrow.
What happens if you click to buy the item you want? Might it then auto-add it to the existing order?
Question Author
Good try LiK, you get a new order.
Well, that's just silly! ;-(
It says that orders can be amended for up to two hours - but that suggests it could be less. It is possible that the order has already been processed So can’t be amended
Question Author
Yes I know Toorak I read that and tried within 10-15 minutes of posting my order. Even if I was too late, which I wasn't, especially as it's a Sunday and it's shut, there should still be instructions on their website on how to do it. Thank you for taking the trouble to have a look for me, I've decided I shall ring them tomorrow and ask them to point me to this info, if they can! I've bought quite a few things from them over the years without a problem until today. My own stupid fault really:-(
I hope you get it sorted out
I don't suppose you can just change the number of items from 1 to 0?
Thanks for that Lady ... Something different to help me get "stuff" for "she who must be obeyed". Birthday and Christmas coming up, and a Daughter to buy for. Good gear. Hope you get sorted. btw what was the other site. (^_*)
Question Author
Sorry Togo, "other site", I can't see where I've mentioned that?
BUT, funnily enough, they do have a sister site, just as good but similar stuff.
I know Lady. Read it again and realised that you wanted to add to your order. Just waiting for the deserved ordure to come my way. :))
Haha ... All help gratefully accepted if it earns brownie points.
Question Author
Are you in need of some Brownie points then Togo? Have you been a naughty boy tut?
Naughty boy syndrome is inherent Lady ... but so is the foresight to build a bit of leeway into the inevitable tight corner. :))
Question Author
LOL. I'm sure you have each other sussed by now. And long may it continue. xx
Haha Lady she is the "boss" but I'm the "leader". Means that when it goes wrong it's my fault but if it is good then she told me so. The sites were a fillip, so that if and when I can be soopa cool with the where did this come from question. (^_*)

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Help Please, I'm In The Doodoo Again.

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