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Ebay Reselling Etiquette

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EvianBaby | 13:05 Wed 04th Sep 2013 | Shopping & Style
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I recently bought a pair of shoes and jacket on eBay. The jackets too big and the heel of the shoes is way higher than I thought so neither are any good to me. Is it ok to relist basically straight away or am I likely to end up in some sort of annoying waste of time situation?


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I don't see why, you bought and paid and left feedback? even if you haven't left feedback, the items are now yours to do what you like with. The only way i could see that would lead to difficulty would be if you were to say something slighting about the original vendor in your description but you aren't likely to do that?
Does the seller accept returns? It's worth finding out before re-listing! But to answer your question, you can re-list straight away if they aren't right for you.
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Yep, bought, paid, left feedback. No reason to say anything against the people I bought them from, both were as described. Pictures just don't do justice sometimes and I'm not as fat as I though I was.
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Both stated no returns.
well that's nice evian...yes, relist, maybe you will make more than you bought them for :-)
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That's what I'd be hoping for woof. New both would have totalled at least £100 and I paid £10 plus postage. That's sort of where I wondered some fall out might occur but stuff it, I want some dosh back. :)
good luck I did the same ,I bought a designer jacket that came with a Tshirt which I did not want,I only paid a minimal amount as I know what the full price should have been,I ended up selling the Tshirt for as much as I paid for them both ,basically free jacket as a result.

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Ebay Reselling Etiquette

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