Where to buy photo album

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mandy22 | 17:56 Sat 12th May 2012 | Shopping & Style
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I want to buy a large photo album for various sizes of photos ranging from small 6" x 4" to 8" x 12" ish ! Im looking for the type that has the clear plastic film that seals over the photos once they are in place, and need say 20 pages.

Cant seem to locate any locally, does anyone know any stores that sell these, reasonably priced please, as its only for storing the photos safely so will sit on a shelf. and im not too bothered about whats on the cover, as long as its not a wedding or new baby lol


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WH Smith sell them but I'm not sure about reasonably priced...when I looked I thought they were expensive for what they are but then I never find Smith's to be cheap. My daughter needs a small pocket-sized diary for this year and last week they were still asking over £7 for a little 2012 diary.
Is the a Range near you? they have loads of stuff like this, otherwise have you looked at Amazon?
Boots have a sale on just now, half price photo albums. I bought 3 of the type you want, self adhesive, all three hold 200 6x4 photo's. Two priced £8, they have a silky material finish, the other £6.50. There are smaller versions

If you have an 'In Store 'near to you, they are £4.50 in there not as many photo's, can,t remember how many though. x
W H Smith charge a fortune.

Boots are possibly a bit cheaper.

Wilkinsons and discount stores (such as Poundstretcher) offer much better prices.

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thanks all, off out tomorrow for a look in Boots, Wilkinsons and maybe WHSmith. have seen something that may be suitable on the online auction site, but much prefer to go to a shop and check Im buying the right thing,as returning things bought online can work out expensive. thanks for all suggestions
I think if you have different size of photo then you should different album for that...otherwise some photos will not fit in it. or if you take bigger sized album then you smaller photos will get loos fitting can get fall down.
buy the you would get many online shops selling albums..

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Where to buy photo album

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