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Need help with last xmas present

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maisiemoo1 | 09:10 Mon 19th Dec 2011 | Shopping & Style
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Morning all,

I desperately need help with a last minute xmas present. I'm looking for a traditional dimpled beer glass (pint), I've looked at a lot of sites and they are 4 or 6 packs when I only need one.

Or I've seen some singles for sale but never used their websites so I'm a bit wary.

Does anyone have a site that they could recommend where I can purchase one in time for xmas.



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just go and ask in a pub thats where i got mine... Although i may have missed out the asking bit lol
Question Author
lol. The pubs near me are quite modern and trendy and don't use the dimpled mug, plus I prefer a new one
you may not get it in post intime for xmas now x

About half way down on this (^) website... if you're willing to spend over £40..!!
loads for sale on Amazon sale on Amazon
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or this one.. bit more reasonable price wise...
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Thanks guys, I looked on Amazon and they are 4/6 packs when I only need one but looks like I'll have to get them as it's better than nothing
If you have a "Poundland" shop near you they have them in there AND they only cost, er, £1 !!!
lot cheaper buying 4 than paying £40 for 1, you can always give others as presents too
Question Author
lol RECA no poundland near me and I am not venturing into the crowds of my nearest high street I will order the 4 pack online and fingers crossed I'll have them before xmas

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Need help with last xmas present

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