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Christmas Spending

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AB Editor | 12:38 Thu 20th Oct 2011 | Shopping & Style
22 Answers

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  • £100 - £300 - 86 votes
  • 34%
  • Less than £100 - 51 votes
  • 20%
  • £300 - £500 - 50 votes
  • 20%
  • £700+ - 36 votes
  • 14%
  • £500-£700 - 28 votes
  • 11%

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There's no 'nothing extra' option.
what on? Food, drink, presents? Do you mean extra or in total?
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£700 plus i'm afraid, would'nt believe the people we have to buy for not including close family.
I wish maybe one year we all say lets not give to each other, as pain in the proverbial what to get for who etc and shipping out costs......mrs bear's immediate family are from the U.S.A......lots and lots of friends abroad too.

Ho hum....boooo boooo and baaaaa humbug!
( take your pick).....:0) LOL
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there's no "nothing" button
im not spending much, the spirit of xmas will have to stretch this year
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Nothing, fluffpot....not even a mince pie or a quick flash.:0) x
I have had to put £700+ because we have 10 grandchldren 4 children 4 children in law 1 Mum not to mention each other and a couple of friends! Im very good though I put money away everyweek thro the year to pay for it. I do sometimes think that would pay for a holiday but I do love my kids
I think that people who are saying no amount are talking shiite.
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And there are not many of them shortstraw, even if they are claiming it they will end up spending something on Christmas and probably well over £100.
Question Author
"there's no "nothing" button" - Isn't nothing "less than £100"?

"what on? Food, drink, presents? Do you mean extra or in total?" The question reads: How Much IN TOTAL Will You Be Spending On Christmas This Year? (Caps for emphasis)

All the best,

Nothing, nada, zero. I am not doing Christmas this year as I have nothing to celebrate.
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I've selected A however, I have no idea.
shortstraw, I don't want to delve into your personal life, but are you seriously saying you won't be buying any person in your life a gift this Christmas, you won't be having a more special meal than you usually would on Christmas Day, and that you won't be joining anyone for Christmas drinks, or parties, or that you won't be buying perhaps a box of sweets or a few extra treats over Christmas than you normally would. If so, okay but also pull the other one, not to be hurtful mind.

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Christmas Spending

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