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AB Editor | 14:00 Mon 05th Sep 2011 | Shopping & Style
10 Answers

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  • Yes. - 137 votes
  • 68%
  • No, I have stockpiled the old-style bulb. - 50 votes
  • 25%
  • No, but I will buy energy saving bulbs next time. - 15 votes
  • 7%

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no I use forkandles
-- answer removed --
Yep, I've had 100% energy saving bulbs in my house(s) for abouot 5-6 years now and the only one I've had to replace is the one in the bathroom when I punched it off the ceiling while drying myself!
I prefer the energy saving Bulbs, they save electricity and cut fuel Bill costs
Had them for years now, when they first started to become cheap. Saved a fortune in electric but I think people are put off them because they go for (or only know from freebies) those with a low wattage equivalent.
Ive got a box full of freebies so that must be a saving
None of them.

I changed to energy saving lightbulbs. Can't stand them and can't live with them, so have changed back and stockpiled.

Now much happier and I can see as soon as I switch a light on.

And, no I don't feel guilty. The old ones give off heat so perhaps it will reduce my energy consumption for heating!!!!!
I use energy savers and can't remember when I last had to buy a bulb. One less thing on the shopping list as they always used to be popping and I hate scrambling about trying to fit them - I've even had one of the old type shatter in my hand. They only take seconds to come to their full light, you just have to get the right wattage.
I got several from the co-op in the village. First of the new generation to hit these parts. It was a novelty. There were lads in Massey Fergusons taking them away in transport boxes. They were really bright. One broke when I was swatting a wasp. One broke when the dog trod on it and I think one broke in the back of the car before we even got home. So I can verify the fact that they are a tad more fragile than their incandecant equivalents. But if you go to town with a roll of bubblewrap and come home in a carriage of cotton wool, then these are the bulbs for you.
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New Lightblubs

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