How can i make my shoes fit?

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lourules | 19:48 Thu 01st Sep 2011 | Fashion
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i have some lovely boots that fit great apart from the backs of them! they are new and rubbing on the back of my heels making it painful to walk in them! Any tips on making them move comfy/roomy in the back?

Ive read putting bags of tied up sealed water inside them then putting them into the freezer works?

They arent leather.


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What about elastoplast on your heels?
Try putting a peeled potato in the heel area overnight.
Get someone with bigger feet to wear them for a while...
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a peeled potato? how does that work?x
I thought if they weren't leather then they wouldn't stretch... not sure why I think that though.
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they arent leather they are plastic/material style military boots x
Get some cheap white candles and rub the wax all over the inside of the shoes then leave them a day or so - it really softens then up. Wipe off any residue before you wear them though!
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How can i make my shoes fit?

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