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What are you doing for xmas day?

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Banana Boat | 13:37 Fri 21st Dec 2007 | Christmas
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Just wondering what everyone is uipto on xmas day? are you on your own, or spending it with family?
I'm at the grandparents during the day and all on my lonesome in the evening. How about you?, and if you are on your own, doe's it bother you?


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At my mum's on xmas day and at my dad's on boxing day. Usually get totally smashed at my dad's but try to remain fairly sober at my mum's as my step dad gets agressive if you display signs of being more ****** than him.
Just the three and half of us, our first xmas together though so that makes it special :)

Last year it was just me and my daughter, much to everyones disgust at me turning down invites, it was one of our best christmases. An almost perfect day :)

Riotous fun with the children during the morning, then a gathering of family members during the afternoon. Sometime around 10 p.m., me and my husband'll flop down with a drink of something, and put some music on. Might even end up having a game of snooker!!!
One of my best Xmas was on my own - I let my boys go to their fathers. I ate what I liked got drunk and lay on the couch listening to the radio - great. Trouble is they felt so bad they won't let me do it again so this year, like all the others - I will be cooking, washin up etc. Oh one year the Jehovahs called around too just as I was getting lunch ready - how christain is that!!!!!!!!
Did you wish them a merry christmas and invite them to join in your festivities Ric.ror?
my daughter and I are off to my parents for lunch and we'll probably stay there as we have family stuff going on on Boxing day. If i just thought about my own feelings id be home by teatime, daughter in bed for 7 and spend the evening on my own!

Happy Christmas everyone!

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What are you doing for xmas day?

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