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How Far Will You Travel This Christmas?

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AB Editor | 17:03 Mon 31st Oct 2011 | Christmas
36 Answers

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  • Only locally (5-20 miles) - 91 votes
  • 38%
  • We won't, they'll come to us! - 83 votes
  • 34%
  • Cross-Country (121 miles+) - 32 votes
  • 13%
  • Not too far (21-60 miles) - 19 votes
  • 8%
  • Quite a way! (61-120 miles) - 17 votes
  • 7%

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travelling new year I expect for a christmas re run with my family can I stand it my mothers dinners are so big the plates seem to cover two time zones and snow falls on the tops...
Question Author
One way jno. I'm saving the "how far would you drive to avoid your family?" for boxing day afternoon :)

Sorry Lottie! It's soon though, only 53 days! Aren't you even going to break out a bit of mulled wine?
wish it was a one way journey...
I started on the mulled wine last night just a small one... for Samhain
Question Author
"my mothers dinners are so big the plates seem to cover two time zones and snow falls on the tops"

Sound oddly familiar....
-- answer removed --
Are you my long lost father Ed
staying at home christmas day-got guests :) but boxing day i think we have been summoned to the out laws grrrrrrrrrr
I am on my own with the two moronic moggies again. One of my cats is poorly and I can't face leaving him at such an exciting time of the year. They are excited because Santa Claws is coming.
No mulled wine Ed, but will be enjoying a nice joint of rib of beef with yorkshire pudding. And I have to admit to exchanging gifts and having a drink or two.

Have just enjoyed a brilliant weekend away with some lovely cousins and their spouses and is was far better than any Christmas!!!
Question Author
Trigger, do you split the day in two or do a christmas day/boxing day split?

How far do you have to go to meet the outlaws firewatch?

I wont, Im working all over Xmas.
Question Author
That's a shame Ratter, but then someone has to I suppose.
Ed, we have a great time with the old folk at Xmas, many of their relatives dont bother with them, they are too busy having a good time to worry about Mum or Dad locked away in a home, many of their families live with in walking distance or a short bus ride. It a lovely time at work. I will spend time at home with my good lady Carakeel and her Mum of course and have my Xmas Dinner with them. :)
And if the dogs are well behaved, they may get a whole chicken each for Xmas (Raw of course) they dont seem so keen on turkey.
A. Only locally all live in a cluster of small villages.

21 to 36 of 36rss feed

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How Far Will You Travel This Christmas?

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