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Hydroponics - is it the way forward?

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Toleman | 16:28 Sat 02nd Jan 2010 | Science
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Last year (2009) I grew some chilli plants using the hydroponics method with outstanding results. So this year I am not bothering with compost and growing mainly in hydroponics - both an nft system and a drip system.

Before starting I did tons of research and it seems to be the pot growers forums that provide the best information. I also find buying hydroponic paraphernalia can be a daunting experience as most hydroponic shops tend to be geared up for the pot grower.

There are lots of farmers with huge greenhouses devoted to hydroponic production. Even NASA have done research into this method of growing.

Is this the way forward? Will hydroponics take over as the primary growing method in years to come?



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No - the costs are too high it only makes sense for high value crops.
I'm sure that hydroponics and tissue culture is the best way forward, with an ever expanding population to feed, and agricultural land diminishing. Present day agricultural methods are not the most efficient. Producing protein by feeding grass to cattle is never going to be efficient and subject to too many variables. I'm sure this applies to all agriculture. It may well be relatively expensive at the moment, but in a few generations time I bet it will be the way our food is produced.
(anyone remember Soylent Green)

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Hydroponics - is it the way forward?

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