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Man on the Moon evidence

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RTFishall | 17:00 Thu 11th Jun 2009 | Science
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After all these years, are there any photographs taken from telescopes on Earth, Lunar orbiting satellites or Hubble that actually show any artefacts from the Moon landings? If not, why not?


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There is a lot of equipment left over on the moon, including the large laser reflectors we use to measure the distance of the moon from Earth. It is what helped us show that the moon is very slowly receding from the Earth.

None of these items are large enough to be resolved by any telescope we have here on Earth from this far away. A telescope of 50 meters in diameter would be a bare minimum to be able to see any of this stuff as a featureless dot. The largest we have on Earth is about 11 or so meters. The Hubble is only 2.4 meters and it isn't really all that much closer to the moon.
maybe they cleared up before leaving like their mothers taught them to?
Question Author
Thanks another-view

But what about lunar orbiters such as Clementine? Surely hi-res equipment on board should be able to pick up something as large as the lunar model lander base. After all, that is a lot larger than the laser reflectors.
If they can photograph the track of the Mars rovers from orbit around Mars, surely the LEM base should be easy from a Lunar orbiter?
I'm not saying that man did not go there, simply that after all this time there is still no actual (non surface) photo evidence. The existence of the laser reflectors on the surface does not prove that they were put there manually!
One assumes that the path of these orbiters doesn't intersect with Tranquility Base. Remember, the moon is about one sixth of the Earth. To pick up the lunar lander would be like looking for a go-kart in England.
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Thanks another view.

But I think it's fairly safe to assume that as the landings were roughly near the Moon's equatorial region, any satellites either in an equatorial or polar orbit would pass over a landing site.
But that would be like spotting a specific house in Africa just because it was on the equator of the Earth.
Actually someone did turn up a blip on one of Clementine's scans that corresponded to the Apollo 15 landing site but even at Clementine's resolution it was pretty indistinct. To amplify what others have said, though, Apollo 15 was the only landing site in range of Clementine.
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Thanks for all the replies. But I must be honest, I'm still not convinced. Don't you think it's odd that they have camera's with a resolution able to pick up the Mars Rover's track but not something about 15 foot square?
Still, I guess time will tell.
I have no hard evidence to offer you RTFishall, but I actually met an astronaut who went there years ago. He told me what it was like, things he took with him, etc and what he said was interesting and moving. Am currently reading Moondust by Andrew Smith. This is about the nine men still alive who have been there and is a very good read.
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Thanks grasscarp

I also was fortunate to meet Buzz Aldrin at a British Astronomical Association meeting in the 1970's. I am not suggesting that they did not go to the Moon, purely that it seems strange about no non-surface taken photos.
I've also read Moondust, interesting book. They were brave and clever men. However, most turned out a little (by my definition) somewhat odd in later life as the book clearly reports!
I agree with your last remark, but merely to see the world from that perspective must change you forever. Glad you are not totally questioning it and pleased you have similar experiences to me.
They didn't go to the Moon.
Question Author

Just don't say that within arms length of Buzz Aldrin
Or Commander of Apollo 14 Ed Mitchell, that I met back in the early seventies.
Im not sure if the Americans got to the Moon because they would not have been able to survive going through the Van Halen radiation belt.
Also wasnt it astronaut Gus Grissom who said nobody would ever land on the Moon, and then was subsequently killed in a mystery fire?
Van Halen?
Grasscarp ...

Ed Mitchell said last year that the US Govt have been misleading the public (ie the World) for decades about the evidence of extra-terrestrial life.

And if Ed Mitchell himself says that the US Govt are capable of misleading the entire World ... then it's probably true.
Sorry, Van Allen Radiation Belts!
David Lee Roth did wear some funky outfits.....
Wikipedia has a page on moon landing hoaxes: ng_hoax_accusations

that specifically addresses David Lee Roth's radiation belt.

And we know Wikipedia is never wrong.

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Man on the Moon evidence

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