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gravity formula

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boobesque | 23:44 Fri 23rd Jan 2009 | Science
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Hey guys,

I have found 2 differing formulae for gravity with various sources for each. Which is the correct one please and are they actually 2 valid formula for 2 different things?

the 2 formulae are: images/formula.gif gif

as you can see there is a dispute as to whether the G is divided by r^2



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Er, they're the same formula!

The Keele formula is just expressed in a factorised version, (i.e. by 'taking out' G as a factor), on the Oregon site.

They are in fact the same, 5 x (2/3) is the same as (5 x 2)/3
Yes, your question had me stumped too because both formulae are in fact the same and both include r� in the denominator
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mmhmm. Back to school for me
hey man i got a 1st in engineering and it confused me :)

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gravity formula

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