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Enzyme Sequence Search

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theprof | 22:20 Tue 02nd Sep 2008 | Science
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What database can i use to do an enzyme sequence search?


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Fascinating. Do me a favour Carol and get your own username on here instead of pinching mine! That'll teach me to show you how AB works.

Anyhow, you'll find BRENDA will more than suit your needs. use the "Sequence Search" option in the LH pane. Try entering methanol under "organic solvent stability" in "stability" and searching for L-iduronidase. Then look under the substrate list.

I'll leave the rest to you. Good luck!
Thanks prof! Perhaps I'd better take a day off tomorrow!
Question Author
No problem. If you're not in by 9.30am, I'll send someone around!
Oh oh.... someone's gonna be in trouble!
Question Author
If only wildwood! Carol is a student in my department and normally, I'd throw the book at her for a prank like this. The trouble is that she's also my niece and although I've been at the receiving end of her sense of humour for many years, I'm also very fond of her.

At the moment, she's living with us as her home is a few hundred miles away from this city and the wife wouldn't hear of her living in student digs. I've usually left for the uni or research labs by 8.00am this time of the year before Carol's even out of bed so I've only got to send someone home to fetch her if she doesn't turn up by 9.30am. She was dead on time this morning!

I've managed to pull some strings and get her stunning, secure accommodation within one of the colleges rent free. She intends to move there by the time the Michaelmas term proper begins. I can then start restocking the wine cellar.

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Enzyme Sequence Search

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