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homiepops77 | 21:18 Sun 24th Aug 2008 | Science
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a man got his finger caught in a machine at the factory. The damage was less serious than expected, but nontheless, the entire nail was torn fro his right index finger, The parts lost were the body, root, bed, matrix, and cuticle of the nail. First, define each of these parts. Then, tell if this nail is likely to grow back.


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This is obviously a homework question and you would gain no benefit (apart from an easy assignment) by us telling you this.

Pay more attention in class rather than expecting others to do your work for you.
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I will answer any question where I can but NOT homework. The student will learn nothing from this.
Hmm, I'm curious.

squarebear, you may well be right that this is a homework question, but (and this is a big but), I've generally found that people add numerals to their username to signify their year of birth. I find it a bit odd that someone of around 31 doesn't know how to source the answer. On the other hand, are there really another 76 homiepops signed up with AB? Why not just homiepops?

Anyhow, I feel the same as you regarding ad hoc answers to questions like this - histological definitions are easily ascertainable using conventional research procedures.

All the same, I will answer the final part of the question if only to incite further research: no, the nail will not grow back.
On the other hand, perhaps homiepops is 77 years of age. Come on homiepops77 - we need more info!

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