Name of Prescription Sleeping Pill?

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Sweet G | 15:52 Thu 10th Jan 2008 | Science
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Hello, I was trying to remember the name of a sleeping pill i used to great effect a few years ago. I remember it being called 'Melril' or something similar. I have googled 'Melril' and variants of that but have not been successful. Anyone know the correct name?



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It's a bit of a long-shot, but I think you may have been prescribed a drug called Melleril (Thioridazine). The reason I'm not positive about this is that Melleril was licenced for use as an anti-psychotic drug and was normally prescribed in divided doses throughout the day for schizophrenia, other psychosis, severe agitation and dangerously impulsive behaviour.

Melleril was sometimes prescribed for insomnia and "sleep disturbances" and like other hypnotics, it was then normally prescribed as a single dose at bedtime. All the same, it was never a particularly popular hypnotic with the medical profession as it was such a powerful mind-altering drug.

Melleril was discontinued in 2005 as it was found to cause some peculiarities in ECG waveforms in patients and also because newer drugs were found to be more efficient and safer.

i think ya right it is a psycotic drug i saw it used years ago.not sure but i think it cause somekind of muscel spasms cos they gave a drug called keterine or sumit sounding similar,ya could try largactil that trade name gerneric name to hard for me to spell
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Hmmm. Yes that's the one Prof, didnt use it much and dont remember any unpleasant effects.

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Name of Prescription Sleeping Pill?

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