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Shooting Star

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tatie | 23:05 Thu 29th Jun 2006 | Science
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At 11-30p.m on 29th June 2006 I saw a bright tail of light shooting through the sky at high speed, it appeared more spectacular than my recollections of what a shooting star looked like, curious to know whether anyone else saw this. The tail was very bright and appeared to be stranded.


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Quote At 11-30p.m on 29th June 2006 I . . .

Are you a prophet? You posted at 10:06 pm on 29th June 2006 and it is still only 10:15pm. Can you see into the future? What direction should I be looking in?

was wondering the same myself gen!
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O'h dear alas I'm no prophet just a few too many grey hairs, I should have said the 28th June
Maybe if you told us where you are???...........
could be a reflection from a large sattelites solar cells. I read about em somewhere but im far too tiredto try and find them. sorry
. . . or re-entry.
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Observed above in Beccles Suffolk and it was travelling from East to West.

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Shooting Star

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