Whatever happened to white dog poo?

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joules99 | 22:09 Wed 01st Mar 2006 | Science
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Retro dog sh!t, where did it go?


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The amount of calcuim in dogfood was reduced, thus no more white dog plop.

Or alternatively...

It disappeared in order to give hackneyed comedians something to talk about...
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ok, but why was not all dog turd white? AND why was it always dried out - ie did you ever see a freshly laid white dog ploppy? i think not?

'Cos no-one gives their dogs a plain old bone anymore (which is what caused the pre-dessicated, canine crap of yore).

They're now too busy giving pooch individually wrapped (ie tonnes of packaging), select cuts (only the best bits of horse, you see) in gravy (yeah, right!).

Which means that the white poo we knew and loved from our childhood (well, 'love' is relative - it was better than treading / falling / being rugby tackled into the sloppy brown stuff) is no more.

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Yes it is a shame - I miss it aswell..
Well, if you are all missing it, there's some been dropped outside my house that needs picking up.
I was in Australia last week and there was white dog poo there (by the pool unfortunatley)

before regulations they used to put all kinds of indigestible bulking agents into dog food, like ground up bones, chalk etc.

i had a white poo once - was utterly horrified - then i realised it was because i had had a barium meal the day before at the hospital - so whatever is in a barium meal may have been used in dog food too.

White poo was still quite a rarity back in the day.

But today everyone has to pick up their dog's poo with little plastic bags, disporing of them in those dogmess bins that are cropping up everywhere. This is obviously making white dog poo even rarer.

Just have a good root through a dog poo bin if you are that desperate to encounter some.

Happy searching.

about 4 years ago i found some white dog poo and took a photo of it - felt rather silly standing in the street pointing my camera at a pile of poo, but i had to do
Don't you think you paid more attention to dog poo (white or otherwise) as a child? Or just more attention to anything? I just don't look at the floor as much as I used to as a kid.

i think you just spent more time hanging about and playing in the street when you were a kid - adults don't tend to stand around on corners or sit on walls all day poking dog doings with twigs

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yeah, those damn do-gooders and their dog poo bins..
Spoiled all my fun.
Just seen one in Bradford for the first time in years. After a lengthy discussion with my wife about them (who's never seen one before)she doesn't seem to share my enthusiasm. Grounds for divorce??????
As we all know Dog's have incredible hearing. White Poo occur's when an intense disturbing sound affects its nervous system. And as I remeber White Dog Poo was around only at the same time as Bros.
*Croydon* is the answer (according to a friend of mine) -ie. go there -white doggie stools are still abundant.
Hilarious observations from an Australian's POV.
A humorous presentation about the mysteries of white dog stuff
It has a totally different taste to brown dog poo. Quite a chalky texture too...
It’s refreshing to see so many people sharing my enthusiasm. I mentioned white poo to my wife a few days ago and although she remembered them and kept polite conversation, I doubt she’d kick one if she saw one in the street.
They always seemed to be small, dry and hard. I never saw a big juicy white turd.
Can anyone enlighten me to their aroma? Were they as scentless as they were in colour?
Oh and another thing . . . I don't live in Croydon but on occations I have to riot there . . . and I haven't seen any white poo's there. So don't plan any field trips there.

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