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Is it possible to travel faster than the speed of light? if so what would it be like?

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Fatboy | 15:13 Thu 12th Jan 2006 | Science
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ive wandered is it possible to travel faster than light, it cant be the fastest speed in the known universe since 186,000 miles per second is such an odd number. and the number carrys on. why not 200,000 m/s? and so on....


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I'm trying to figure out if you are taking the p155.

It's actually 186232mps.

Your question has been asked previously many times... here's an example:

As you can clearly see, there is unequivocal agreement among the many fine minds addressing the subject. Want more? Place the term speed of light in the Category Search box on the left side of your screen...

hmmm. there is a hypothesis that argues for the variable speed of light (VSL) which is used to explain inflationary models in cosmology. This hypothesis argues that the speed of light is decreasing. However, VSL is controversial to say the least and is not widely accepted.

In quantum theory the uncertainty principle allows for virtual photons to have a value above the speed of light.

also tacyons and quantum entaglement point to faster than light speeds.

if you are talking about an object with mass then the answer is no.


i dont think u will be able 2 see anything because u are going faster than light and without ligh u cannot see and i think u would have puked ur guts out by the time u covered a mile in distance
Don't forget that all speeds, weights, sizes, etc...etc... are just numbers which humans use to describe things in terms which suit them, They don't mean anything in terms of the universe (multiverse?) as a whole.

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Is it possible to travel faster than the speed of light? if so what would it be like?

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