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Scientists Pick Up Shock Waves From Colliding Galaxies

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naomi24 | 10:52 Thu 29th Jun 2023 | Science
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Not a question - just interesting reading - and pondering.

//This may be the first direct evidence of giant black holes distorting space and time as they spiral in on each other.

One of the groups that made the discovery is the European Pulsar Timing Array Consortium (EPTA), led by Prof Michael Kramer of the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy in Bonn.

He told BBC News that the discovery had the potential to change astronomers' ideas about the cosmos forever.

"It could tell us if Einstein's theory of gravity is wrong; it may tell us about what dark matter and dark energy, the mysterious stuff that makes up the bulk of the Universe, really is; and it could give us a new window into new theories of physics."//


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Shocking !
Very interesting indeed!
Interesting. Dis you know that detection of these very weak gravitational forces only work when the third time derivative of the mass quadrupole moment is non-zero?

No, me neither.

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Scientists Pick Up Shock Waves From Colliding Galaxies

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