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Why Do Phone Or Tablet Apps Take Up So Much Storage Memory.

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barney15c | 01:43 Fri 20th Jan 2023 | Science
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I've been looking through my phone as the memory seems to be eaten up despite buying a phone with more onboard memory. Apps that don't seem to be complex take up hundreds of MB like Facebook and eBay and BBC news. Are programmers more lazy tbesedahs because they have so much memory to use relative to the days they had to be more efficient. I don't play games, so it's not that and I regularly do a cleanup, but these apps are huge memory guzzlers for what they do.


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I'm talking about RAM not ROM
The BBC News app caches everything you see, so that it can be loaded faster later. Many other apps do the same too. So it's important to clear the cache for each of those apps occasionally, otherwise more and more memory will get eaten up.

Android instructions here:

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I uninstall them every so often and reinstall, it's no real effort but it really shrinks them. Doing this has no negative effects on using the app.

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Why Do Phone Or Tablet Apps Take Up So Much Storage Memory.

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