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Entropy Never Falls

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Rev. Green | 17:06 Tue 06th Dec 2022 | Science
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Entropy does not fall, so what is wrong with the following:
In a google years, most matter, black holes etc. will have evaporated and the Universe will 'soon' become a sea of photons. Although it is unlikely that two photons will come close to the same path, this will certainly happen in the following googleplex years and, because photons follow Bose-Einstein statistics, they will tend to stay together forming a beam which will be more likely to attract other photons. Over the vast time available, some beams will become extremely strong and will have enough energy to form particles or perhaps even stars or galaxies. But this would result in a state of lower entropy than that of the sea of photons.


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Pedant warning! Googol; not Google!
A little light reading up there.
Dougie... yes but he should be told!
It doesn't fall overall but can do so in small regions purely by chance.

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Entropy Never Falls

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