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High Pessure.

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copippin | 16:54 Fri 25th Nov 2005 | Science
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My husbandsuffers with sever arthritis as I have mentioned in other topics;when the barometric pressure is higher than normal,his joints become more painful.I believe that normal air pressure on the body is calculated at about 14 pounds per square inch and this increases with high pressure thus putting more weight onto the affected joints which in turn leads to more discomfort.He discussed this theory with our GP who agreed that this is the case.Have any other arthritis sufferers noticed this ?Any other theory's forthcoming ?


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Me again.We musn't keep meeting like this ! I am just the same..the weather plays a big part in the degree of pain I suffer.Today it has been snowing,hailing and raining and to put it bluntly I feel like s*** and am hobbling around and my hands are really swollen. !! I can practically forecast the weather with my poor old bones.
The same applies with the hot weather..I love it hot and dry but when it's hot and humid....awful for me.I am not scientifically minded so cannot possibly explain why.Although my doctor also agrees that the weather plays a big role in the discomfort suffered by people with forms of arthritis.
Perhaps there is someone in our midst who can explain !
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And it's also me again! I am hoping for your sake that the Yucca you have ordered will help considerably with your extreme discomfort;it started to take effect on my husband about three days after he started taking it and he is now able to stand straight instead of stooping;he also has been doing some working his workshop/garage which is a definite breakthrough,his hands have been so bad that it has not been possible to use many of the tools he has until recently. All in all,the stuff has given him a new lease of life for which he is very thankful.

If you ordered it rom the address i posted,it may take around two weeks to arrive but it will turn up ,I promise you!

The American College of Rheumatology has done some research which seems to indicate thet there is a positive correlation between barometric pressure and increased pain in rheumatism and arthritis sufferers. .asp
Thank you rojash for a very informative answer.I am going to print this off and wave it under the noses of people who say I am talking rubbish when I say that the weather affects me!!
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And thanks from me too rojash.Now we know that at least three people and our GP talk sense!!

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