what is the melting point of candle wax?

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lala-girl | 18:44 Thu 13th Oct 2005 | Science
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Candle wax is a hydrocarbon (a compound made of carbon and hydrogen only). So roughly what is thee estimated melting point temperature of candle wax?


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It varies

paraffin wax; container wax 55 degrees; mould wax 60-62 degrees C; dipping wax 65 degrees C

microcrystaline wax; Microcrystaline waxes come in at lest 8 forms (that I know of, there may be more). They range in melt points from 165 degrees to 240 degrees and are used for several reasons

Beeswax has a melt point of 62 C

Candle wax is not a pure substance (it is a mixture of different compounds) and therefore does not have a specific melting point.
candles can't have an exact melting point
Well, candle wax melts at 71 degrees celcius.
Immediately below the flame.

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what is the melting point of candle wax?

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