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Salted Frog Legs And Help With Science Festival Preparation

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amirah101 | 16:16 Thu 05th Mar 2015 | Science
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Hi! I am in a class in college right now where I am required to construct an educational science booth for a science festival.
So far my idea is to discuss how muscle contraction works and how sodium is used in this process. To demonstrate this I wanted to use the "dancing frog legs trick" where you take skinned frog legs and put salt on them and the legs will start to convulse and contract. I think its a cool idea but if this is going to be an ongoing table at an all day festival I am not sure if it will work.
Do you know how long these frog legs will move when salted? Will I have to use multiple frog legs throughout the day? Do you know how recently killed the legs need to be in order for this to work? Lastly, do you know of other alternative demonstrations that can be used to illustrate muscle movement?

Thanks for any advice!! :-)


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Please promise me you will stay away from all small animals. I'm away off now to weep gently for the families of those three frogs.

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Salted Frog Legs And Help With Science Festival Preparation

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