Kindles any good?

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joannasevs | 19:16 Sun 09th Oct 2011 | Science
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I am not sure where is appropriate to post this question. My mother suffers from age related macular degeneration and the thing she misses most is not being able to read. I read somewhere that people with eye problems can adjust the font size on kindles making them easier to read, all well and good, but MD sufferers only have peripheral vision. Anyone know of someone who has this ailment and can use kindles?


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Perhaps her doctor would be the best person to ask.
Some versions of the Kindle have text to speech built in, so she could use one to read books to her. Not the same as reading it yourself, but better than not reading at all
My Mum had macular degeneration and eventually had to give up reading. Your mother might find it handy because it has the audio function with the keyboard kindle so she could listen rather than reading if she found it difficult. You would have to see if she could see the buttons though to use the kindle. Why not look on your web browser for a kindle demonstration to see how it works to see if it would be of interest. Good luck.
Whilst having no experience or neither Kindles nor macular degeneration, the following occurs to me.

If your mother can cope with the large print books from the library then the Kindle may be of use for a while. Worth a test I'd suspect.

Also I would have thought your mother could learn and memorise the button functions, and where they were. Although I'd suspect with very limited sight it may be difficult to confirm the screen is at the stage you think it is. Perhaps try to get hold of one to look over, and see how important feedback from the screen is ?
I have a Kindle and it's fantastic. You can adjust the text size and spacing but I'm afraid I don't have experience of MD to say if the Kindle will help.
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Thank you everyone for your comments, think I may talk to her about it first.
I would email Amazon and ask this question, they are extremely helpful and would not sell her one if it wasn't suitable.

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Kindles any good?

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