i was sent this riddle.

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caslass | 16:04 Thu 13th May 2010 | Riddles
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I was sent this riddle by someone in America. I cannot work it out. Any help would be appreciated.

As i went through a garden gap
Who should I meet but Dick red cap
A stick in his hand
A stone in his throat
If you tell me this riddle
I'll give you a groat.

Can any one help as this is driving me mad. Cas


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a cherry
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Please tell me how you get this answer?
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google the first line.
cherries are red with the stem bit being the stick in his hand and the stone in the centre, going through a garden gap i assume going through a gap into the orchard,
don't get the dick bit
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About as clear as mud then.
sadly the dick red cap is a smutty bit I suspect. Dick with a red cap after taking a cherry or virginity It is probably an old english country riddle and they liked a bit of smut in those days
It's on a nursery rhyme site
so it might all be innocent.
about as innocent as baa baa black sheep
I was taught this version as a child (many moons ago)

Riddle-me, riddle-me. wrote`t wrote
I know a man in a red coat
A stick in his hand
A stone in his throat
Riddle-me, riddle-me, wrote `t wrote.

What am I ?
Answer - a cherry
In Scotland we said

A wee wee man with a red red coat
A stick in his hand and a stone in his throat
Who is he ?
A cherry.
The first 2 lines are pretty much just setting the scene aren't they.
You don't have to have an exact reason for every word in a riddle, just so long as none of it makes the claimed answer, wrong. Otherwise I want to know where the groat we were promised, is :-)

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i was sent this riddle.

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