A Riddle For The Older Generation

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sunny-dave | 00:10 Thu 01st Feb 2018 | Riddles
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Which man has four bums?


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Is this from a Listener crossword, Dave?
Question Author
Not yet ...
Esso Blue bum bum bum
Question Author
You've lost your last bum, jackdaw
...or was it the other way round? Bum bum bum bum, Esso Blue.
Having spent many years getting no further than trying to understand the preamble each week, I think 'which man has four bums' ? might be more solvable!
Do you tackle the algebraic ones??
Question Author
Yes GG - I actually did those before I started on the wordy ones - but now I find the numericals a bit of a chore.
Question Author
Yes jackdaw - you have it now.
He had a name...

Joe The Esso Blue Dealer
I think I saw somewhere that there's a video of someone solving a Listener in real time - maybe I should seek it out. I'm pretty good at 'normal' cryptics, but my brain starts to sizzle on a Saturday morning when I see what torture has been invented. And some people on AB complain that that week's isn't hard enough!
Mr Sandman had 26 bums!
That's just greedy:-)
A bottom feeder.
-- answer removed --
//Joe The Esso Blue Dealer//
i thought he was the esso blee dooler

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A Riddle For The Older Generation

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