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MM Links Solutions December 2010 [Week 2]

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crofter | 20:01 Sun 12th Dec 2010 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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If it was the intention of King Ulysses II to staunch the flow of points, then I found little evidence to support this fiendish plan. Turning his attention to the theme of “A Sporting Life”, he opted for the link words:


My condolences to those predicting Lemon Squash and Fish Bowl ~ so near and yet so far!



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Among the regular early birds there was mixed success. Grenmus was Entrant #3 and the first to go with the popular ORANGE SQUASH for TWO POINTS. He was followed promptly by middlestump, lysander and grannydi before the curtain fell and cut off the flow of bonus points for that link word.

Entrant #4 was tearinghair with the equally popular BALL BEARING for another TWO POINTS ~ also followed promptly by Aquagility, centrino and owllady. Each picks up their TWO POINTS. Towards the end of this period of plenty came Dinkypuzzled with the first GOLDFISH BOWL. Although there were other matches, they fell outside the time limit and failed to qualify for bonus points.

HOWEVER, at 09.03 came Entrant #10 in the form of the charismatic Christiana with both FOOT SOLDIER (the final link word) together with Orange Squash for an impressive FOUR POINTS to claim the title of HOT SHOT OF THE WEEK.
*** Let trumpets sound and canons roar ***
*** The peasants cheer and shout “Encore” ***
Question Author
Once all four link words had been spotted there came a steady flow of “one pointers”; eleven in all, including newcomer cupid04. Another newcomer was NazNomad who had the right idea but failed to score. Worthy of special mention are Strix, barb7771 and x-ray each of which had double hits (for only Two Points).

The League Table after this second week is:

SIX POINTS: Christiana & lysander
FOUR POINTS: centrino, fordward, Grenmus, owllady & tearinghair
THREE POINTS: barb7771, evsajo, gen2, ladyalex & wickedtongue
TWO POINTS: Aquagility, boxtops, cliffyg, grannydi, Handbaglady, middlestump, rockfordill, slaney, Strix, teacher1 & x-ray

With two weeks gone and plenty of points on the scoreboard, all is set for a bumper month, so be there or be square!

For the present, this is crofter signing off.

Until we meet up again: HAPPY LINKING!
Congratulations everyone in their point scoring this weekend. Such largesse ! But will it continue ? Well done to those who remembered from last week that my father worked in a ball bearing factory. Thanks again to crofter with his trusty abacus, and I look forward to seeing you all again next weekend.
Question Author
My final check picks out Dinkypuzzled (on Three Points) and newcomer granpa john (of grannydi association) registered a (very) late two points ~ Well done!
Don't I get half a point for Lemon Squash???? :-/

Thanks crofter and Ulysses see you all next week.
Two whole points after only two weeks! Is this a record?
Thank you Ulysses, and the ever-patient Crofter.
Thanks crofter - zero for me this week, way way off beam!
Three points! I haven't had 3 points for months and months!

Well done to the points scorers and thanks to Ulysses andcrofter.
Well done all.
Thanks crofetr and King Ulysses II (I have to admit that my choice of ball bearing was nothing to do with the previous week's preamble - just the first word that came into my head!) Well done to all scorers.
Another point for me. Well done everyone.
Delighted to be Hotshot, (and amazed) but think, if you check Crofter, that I had ball bearing as well, three out of the four. Unless the ice has addled my brain - always possible.
Thanks Ulysses and Crofter, as ever, for all the work both in front of and behind the scenes.

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MM Links Solutions December 2010 [Week 2]

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